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To create a Laravel community in Rajkot city.

It's hard to learn Laravel (or any framework/language) alone. Various sites like Stackoverflow can help but a proper learning flow with guidance from an experienced developer makes it easy.

Getting a job and moving to production work is a breeze after coding some test projects yourself. And that is why we keep weekend sessions for all the beginners who wish to learn and practise Laravel web apps without going for a paid training.

Even for experienced artisans, a community of like-minded programmers can help to share ideas/projects and to search for a job as well. Monthly knowledge sessions are planned for you guys.

We have started this with the same intentions. We love Laravel and the revolution it has brought in the way we develop web apps. All Laravel fans are invited. Looking forward to seeing everybody.


We'll announce speakers very soon...


We'll announce event schedule very soon...


There is no upcoming events

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We are working hard for building Laravel Community in rajkot, you may also join us.


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Shailesh Davara


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Vishal Sancheti

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